2018  St. Augustine Florida

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Presenter Title
Cheryl Swanson Florida Algal Bloom Response
Emily Bores Re-Discovering HABs in South Carolina
Jacob Culp Stream Restoration Monitoring of South Fork Currys Fork, Oldham Co., KY
Mary Szafraniec Innovative Water Quality Improvement BMPs:  Sediment Controls
John Kiefer Multiple Benefits of Repurposing Stormwater Drains to Stream Restoration - Blackwater and Karst
Rob Mattson Use of the Florida SCI for Monitoring the MFL for Blue Spring (Volusia County)
John Tobe Floodpland Floristics, Reference Sites and Restoration - Southeastern North America
David Eargle Megalodon?  In South Carolina?
Joy Jackson Florida Stream Condition Index Stressor ID Process
Michael Paul A Bigger Bang for the Bug:  Using Assessment Data for Stressor Identification
Shannon Dunnigan and Hunter Mathews Monitoring at the GTM Research Reserve
Jon Michael Mollish Update on Tennessee Valley Authority's Southeast Monitoring Network Collection Efforts, 2018
Nathan Barlet Evaluation of Low-Cost Sensors for Continuous Remote Water Quality Monitoring
Sarah Lehmann National Aquatic Resources Surveys - Findings and Applications
Ashley O'Neal Occurrence of Target FLEPPC Plant Taxa in Florida Lake Vegetation Index
Jay Silvanima A Synoptic Survey of Select Wastewater Indicators and the Pesticide Imidacloprid in Florida's Ambient Freshwaters
Alicia Hogue Evaluating Emerging Contaminants in Florida Waterbodies
Justin Lewandowski Updates on South Carolina Adopt-a-Stream Macroinvertebrate Identification Training