2016 Asheville North Carolina

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Presenter Title
Mike Beiser Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Update
Michele Brossett Update on Water Quality and Biological Results for Georgia Southeastern Monitoring Network (SEMN) Streams
Brett Connell High Definition Stream Survey on the Harpeth River, TN: Collecting Water Quantity, Water Quality, In Stream and Riparian Habitat Data on 82 Continuous Miles in 5 Days with 2 People
Katharine DeVilbiss Jordan Lake Demonstration Project: Water Quality Monitoring to Evaluate In-Lake Circulation Treatment
Victor Holland Using Cost Effective Laboratory Rearing Methods and Barcoding to Associate and Confirm New EPT Species and Life Stages
Marion Hopkins EPA's Integrated Reporting National Guidance: Capturing Impairments Due to Hydrologic Alteration
Lisa Huff Alabama’s Biological Condition Gradients
Cody Jones Long-term Georgia Trend Data
Justin Lewandowski Updates on South Carolina's Large River Macroinvertebrate Study
Katie McKone Kentucky O/E Supplements the Kentucky MBI
John Michael Mollish Update on Tennessee Valley Authority's Southeast Monitoring Network Collection Efforts, 2016
Ashley O'Neal A Comparison of Notox and Formalin Preservation Effectiveness for Freshwater Benthic Macroinvertebrates
Lara Panayotoff Nutrient Targets for Wadeable Streams in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky
Michael Paul Alabama O/E with applications for stressor ID, nutrient assessment, and criteria development
Greg Pond Macroinvertebrate and Organic Matter Export from Headwater Tributaries of a Central Appalachian Stream
Bruce Pruitt Low Altitude Stream Assessment: A Hawkeye's Perspective
Todd Risk Amercaenis cusabo (Ephemeroptera: Caenidae): A New Genus Record
John Ruiz Pressure Transducer In Situ Demonstration: Field Trip to the Davidson River
Jenn Stamp Potential Applications of the Biological Condition Gradient (BCG) at a Regional Level)
Charles Walton and Ben Hutton Macroinvertebrate Assessment Comparison Between Georgia and Tennessee: Lookout Creek
Rusty Wenerick Stream Assessment Tools for Compensatory Mitigation