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Hi folks,


A big thanks to Georgia for a great meeting in Savannah and an unforgettable banquet.  If you weren’t there, you really missed out!


While that will certainly be a hard act to follow, we are already working hard to make the 2015 meeting great.  This is not one you’ll want to miss.  We’ll meet the last week of October at the Landmark Resort in Myrtle Beach, right in the middle of 60 continuous miles of beautiful Grand Strand beach.  You’ll be near more great restaurants, shopping, golf, fishing, and entertainment than you can imagine.  If you have time after all that, I hope you might stop in for some of the talks.  Among other things, Dr. Morse and Dr. Jacobus have graciously agreed to walk us all through the brand new eastern EPT book we’ve been anxiously awaiting.  That’s reason enough to come right there!  We’re also putting together some cool field trips to let you see some of our more natural areas.  More on that later. 


The Landmark is really bending over backwards to make our stay as pleasant and convenient (not to mention cheap!) as possible. They are providing us 2 side-by-side hospitality suites. They have lots of pools, lazy rivers, a putt putt golf course, abundant free parking and of course they sit right on the beach.  They have even agreed to throw in a nice, hot breakfast for us each day.  Check out these rates.  These inclusive rates are just for us.


I know you see those rates and you want to grab the phone and make your reservation now.  Be patient, it’s still early.  I’ll give you some specific instructions for making your reservations a little later.  For now concentrate on begging your supervisor for permission to go.  It may help your case if you can start thinking up something you can present.  If it doesn’t help you, it will at least help me to fill out the agenda.  Go ahead and let me know if you already know of a topic you could present (or talk someone else into presenting) or if you have some ideas for session topics.  I would like to start to get a feel for where the most interest lies so that we can spend more time in those areas.


Registration will remain $100 as it was last year and will include a shirt and the banquet.  The shirts will be blue on white ringers with blue ink and hopefully will look something like this picture.  Not sure yet about long sleeve - probably.

 Shirts (large; large; medium)

We’ll be in touch.  In the meantime, keep your feet wet!

David Eargle


(803) 898-4145






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