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Dear SWPBA members,

I hope everyone who was able to attend this year's meeting enjoyed it. This year's meeting covered a lot of territory with Hg/Se fish tissue concerns, Nutrient Criteria, and a Developing Biological Indicators and Criteria Workshop given by Tetra Tech, Inc. It also hosted a mini workshop with the Southeastern Monitoring Network to discuss future work in that endeavor. I would just like to thank all of you who presented this year. It's members like you, that help SWPBA continue for future biologists!

I would also like to give a big Thank You to our Vendors this year: CC Lynch, YSI, Environmental Enterprises, and Hach Hydromet.

Hope to see everyone in Georgia for SWPBA 2014!

Emily Cotton, President

PS: We are placing another T-shirt order. If you would like another shirt, please email me(Emily_cotton@deq.state.ms.us) with your size and shipping address. No additional cost for shipping! Cash or Checks payable to Emily Cotton are acceptable. Deadline for orders is November 22!




Contact Information Updates Needed

SWPBA Members: Please look at your contact information and make sure it is current. If it isnít, please e-mail Emily Cotton or Alicia Jacobs with the corrected information. SWPBA is trying to keep the list up to date. If there is someone new in your agency or someone has left, please make sure we have that information as well. Thank You.